What We Are About

We recognise that the Northern Territory is rapidly transforming to become the centre of gravity for programs and projects to support Defence, Infrastructure, Power & Resources, Transportation and Logistics.

We are passionate about facilitating investment and trade through the creation of sustainable, responsible and beneficial partnerships and teaming arrangements between small and large entities enhancing Australia’s economic, industrial and social position and in turn creating jobs, local manufacturing and sustainability leading to creation of exports.

Darwin and the Northern Territory are key to achieving success in addressing the challenges of the Indo-Pacific Region, and Osprey Global Technologies’ energy is focused providing teaming and partnering programs in key sectors that are important for Australian Industrial Sovereign Capability.

The focus of our energy is to assist new and existing companies and a dynamic range of individuals in order to assist Australia and the Northern Territory to be ahead of the curve in this rapidly changing global climate.

Our mission is to create local jobs, manufacturing, sustainable capability and capacity and export opportunities in order to establish economic, industrial and social benefits for Australia and its key trade and defence allies.

What We Do

Technology realisation, collaborative engagement, investment and trade facilitation through the establishment of innovative partnerships between large and small-to-medium enterprises in key sectors that effect disruptive solutions to deliver Australian Industrial Sovereign Capability. 

Key Sectors

We target opportunities in the Defence, Capital Infrastructure, Intermodal Transportation, Medical & Emergency Response, Power and Resources Sectors.

Our Approach

In these sectors, our approach is to identify opportunities for partnerships and programs that secure investment and trade through the homologation and integration of:
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Asset Surveillance & Management
  • Data Virtualisation
  • Digital Twinning
  • Digitisation & Information Management
  • Advanced Technology
  • Autonomous Sensors
  • Virtual/Augmented & Mixed Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Management
  • Operations Support
  • Critical Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Critical Response
  • Medical Equipment
Subject Matter Experts
Disruptive Technology
World Class Innovation
Strategic Operations Support