What We Do

Forming a true partnership with clients we support you at all stages of your project from planning to through life support. Engaging with us at the outset and in your project resource planning allows us to be ahead of the game and able to identify key resources as they are needed on your project.

We really understand that project completion dates do not change but delays in placing the key people on time puts pressure on the project and can cause delays and potential penalties.

We work collaboratively with your existing HR and search strategies and teams to ensure that we are adding value and not competing for the same resources.
Our extensive local and when required global network reach allows us to access many of the key resources that do not respond to advertising and trust us to make them aware of opportunities in Australia.

Key Sectors

Our hands on industry experience is strongest in;
Rollingstock, Rail, Infrastructure, Defence and intermodal transportation. Additional major project expertise is Mining and Oil& Gas.

Our Approach

In these sectors, our approach is to identify opportunities for partnerships and programs that secure investment and trade through the homologation and integration of:
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Asset Surveillance & Management
  • Data Virtualisation
  • Digital Twinning
  • Digitisation & Information Management
  • Advanced Technology
  • Autonomous Sensors
  • Virtual/Augmented & Mixed Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Management
  • Operations Support
  • Critical Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Critical Response
  • Medical Equipment
Subject Matter Experts
Disruptive Technology
World Class Innovation
Strategic Operations Support