Foodbank Australia

Foodbank fight hunger by sourcing food for people in need

We are proud to be national partners of FoodBank, providing food to Aussies who need it most, when they need it most. We are proud to support them on a national level and believe that our privilege to work with such a diverse range of companies and industries should benefit as many people as possible. As national partner, we consider their needs along with our own when facilitating projects making decisions and incorporate our deep-seeded belief in supporting community engagement in whatever we do.

Foodbank restores hope to people who are struggling by rescuing and sourcing food and groceries from farmers, manufacturers and retailers and distributing them to front line charities around the country to provide to individuals and families in need. In 2019, Foodbank sourced 42.8 million kilograms of food and groceries, equating to 77 million meals or 210,000 meals a day. Foodbank is also a proud member of the Global Foodbanking Network, an international organisation dedicated to developing food banking around the world.

Foodbank’s primary purpose is to fight hunger and alleviate food insecurity across the country, by providing food and groceries for 815,000 Australians per month and supporting the one in five Australians who experience food insecurity each year.

Foodbank exists not only to address people’s immediate nutrition needs but also contributes to improvements in the overall standard of living.

  • One in five Australians (21%) experienced food insecurity at some point in the past year.
  • At least once a week, three in 10 food insecure people go a whole day without eating at all.
  • 815,000 people receive food each month from Foodbank agencies, almost a third of whom are children.
  • While the perception is that hunger is an urban issue, hardship is even more prevalent for people living in regional and remote areas. In fact, they are 17% more likely to have experienced food insecurity in the past 12 months than those living in cities.