COVID-19 Medical Equipment

Medical Division Expansion

In response to the unfolding global pandemic of COVID-19, Osprey Global Technologies has dramatically expanded it’s Medical Division in order to provide only the best and most efficient critical medical equipment to those who need it, when they need it. We will ensure we help Australia and beyond to effectively face the challenges presently and in the future.

Mission Critical Equipment

We partner with a team of highly skilled ex-special forces operatives who are trained in logistics and the sourcing of mission critical equipment. As Leaders in Critical Response we supply hospitals, professionals, and Governments worldwide with the supplies they need to capably manage whatever challenges they face in this rapidly changing and volatile environment.

To keep up with the constantly fluctuating demand in medical, we have qualified professionals working every step of the way to ensure everything we provide is up to the highest certification standards.

The products we offer range from high end medical protective equipment- such as masks, face shields and goggles, to state of the art technology such as infrared contactless thermometers and highly intelligent testing kits, plus much more.

Discuss your needs with Osprey Global’s Medical Division Manager, Stephanie Coyne, by using the contact information below.

Contact Our Medical Division

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